Case Study: Children Bookstore app. The feature that will personally help caregivers find the right children book.
My role
UX designer    •    UX researcher    •    Visual designer

The Product

UX design for a childrens bookstore mobile app that offers suitable age and content books for children.


As a fresh mom to a sweet little boy, I wanted to find some nice books for him. Sounds easy, right? well, think again. It appears that most bookstore apps are not very child-oriented, and finding the right books for age and content has become quite a challenge. So I have decided to put on my UX designer hat and go out into the wild to explore new ideas and solutions for such apps.

The Problem

Parents are struggling with finding content-appropriate books for their children. This is because bookstore apps often do not offer enough children-oriented information about the books they sell.

01 | Emphasize Phase


As a first step, I have performed interviews with potential target audiences. We have discussed the various aspects of finding and buying children’s books, guided by the following questions and assignments:

  1. Describe the way you search and buy a book.
  2. What are the reasons you buy a children’s book?
  3. What leads you when choosing a book?
  4. What difficulties did you encounter when searching for a book to buy?
  5. What would you improve in the experience of searching and buying books?

Empathy maps

Next, I have used empathy maps to further emphasize with users while identifying their specific needs. In this process, the results of the interviews are broken-down and arranged into four quadrants.